Genealogy Committee presentation

Sunday, April 3, 2011, the Genealogy Committee of the Armstrong County Historical Museum & Genealogical Society had its first meeting of the season. I had the honor of making a presentation about some of the new internet resources for people interested in Armstrong County genealogy and history. These included the Kittanning Online blog along with the ACGC Facebook group and the ACGC site with its discussion forum.

presenter and large screen TV showing Kittanning Online web site

photo by Kathy Lambing Marcinek

Our two web site administrators, Christopher Anthony and Pete Harmon attended the meeting. Pete came in person and Chris connected through a Skype call.

The Genealogy Committee of the Armstrong County Historical Museum
& Genealogy Society will have their next monthly meeting on Sunday,
May 1, 2011 from 2:00 to 4:00 PM in the Mildred Lankerd Thomas
Genealogy Library – 300 North McKean Street, Kittanning, PA. It will be a research meeting.

Kittanning Online readers who are interested in genealogy are welcome to attend.

Updated Bird’s-eye View

I want to thank everyone on the inquiries regarding the post. The clock on the West Kittanning Hill has brought a lot of interest. Looking through some other pictures I had, I was able to located a few more.  One showing the view of the West Kittanning Hill near the bridge. These photos are from around the era of World War II. An Honor Roll of Servicemen is visible in one of these photos.

I did a combined photo with the sign zoomed in. It appears to advertise “Fort Pitt Beer” and in the same spot as the Courthouse view of the hill.

Combined photo, with left side zoomed in.

(Photo from Judy Adams Cogley Cassesse collection)

Also another photo shows an advertisement to the north of the bridge when looking west. This would be as you’re are going up Tarrtown Rd. It is similar in shape as the other.

Going North on Tarrtown Rd.


From the Maryland Breweries History – Fort Pitt Brewing Company was in operation from 1906 to 1957. Fort Pitt was once one of the best-selling brands in the state of Pennsylvania and the number-one brand in the Pittsburgh market.