Merry Christmas….

On behalf of the entire staff, how small it may be, I want to extend a very MERRY CHRISTMAS to each and everyone.  I wish for save journeys, wonderful memories with family and friends during the holidays.  kittanningonline looks forward to offering many new and great stories, little known facts, and cherished memories about our town, Kittanning in the coming year.

As this is the first Christmas in several years that isn’t quite as white as ‘Bing’ sang about, I leave you all with this great scene from the ‘Great Snow Storm of 1950.  This is what the citizens of Kittanning, as well as countless others folks in Western Pennsylvania discovered as they woke from their Thanksgiving sleep on Friday, November 24, 1950.  I do not have the actual measurements from this storm, but I have heard many stories from area residents about that ‘White’ Friday!!!!     MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!

Porch Sitting on Union Avenue

There was a time that evenings were spent relaxing on the porch. It was also a great social event to speak to people passing bye, and gather with the neighbors.  No air conditioning existed, and outdoor relaxing was needed to beat the heat. In my 20 years of patrolling the town of Kittanning, I’ve become very familiar with almost every building. This residence was a common design from the 1860’s to early 1900’s and several still exist. Today at this residence, no longer is the wide-open porch. The roadway was widen as any type of porch at all would take you out over the sidewalk today.  But, a few clues helped to pinpoint the location. Even though the porch is missing the main structure is intact. Noticeable to the left is the wooden add-on addition that appeared then and now. A person I spoke to a while back stated that the wooden add-on  was the quarters for the servants of the house.

The residence is located at 412 Union Ave. Driving south on Woodward Ave, it sits straight ahead at the T stop-signed intersection.

In the 1904 Polk directory Samuel Rumbaugh, a carpenter is listed as residing there along with James H. Rumbaugh, a painter who is listed as a boarder. From early 1910 era this house was associated with the Mordecai A. Campbell Family.  They appeared to maintain possession of it until the early 1960’s.