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It may have taken 30 years or so, but a family treasure has returned. I happened to save some family photos that were found in a dump area of Templeton in the 1980s,  in hopes to discover who the individuals me be. With my rediscovered interest in history and through a lot of internet communications possible today, I thought I would place on Facebook. This provided the ability to display items to several individuals at once, instead of the old-fashion door to door visits. Thus came forth a family treasure for Kelly Marshall. He had seen a copy of one of the photos that I had from his family photos. But here were the originals and several other poses for 1897 photos. So I was glad to give them a permanent home to a place were they belong, with family.

Kelly Marshall and Pete Harmon at Dizzy Lizzies


rear - Charles Brady Williams, Lee Philo Williams, William Hayes Williams, William Fuller Williams, Jacob Blaine Williams, Clinton Clever Williams, George F. Williams - front, Elmer Grant Williams, Olive Cordelia Williams, Elizabeth (Duckett) Williams, Jacob Williams Jr., Ninetta Jane Williams, John Calvin Williams

Taken in August 1897 at Home – Great-grandfather of Kelly Marshall is Lee Philo Williams. The family lived in Madison Township near Kellersburg, PA for several generations.

Pool in the Park

Little is ever mention about the “Pool in the Park”.  Mary Miller recalls as a child the pool(pond) was located near the current amphitheater area. The wasn’t a pool for swimming, but filled with goldfish. At that time she was only about 6 years old when it was completed.  Here is an article from Simpson Daily-Leader Times on April 19,1928.

Start Work on a New Park Pool

Work was started this morning on the construction of a pool and fountain on the river bank between Jacob and Mulberry streets. The pool will be 24 feet square, constructed as the same material as the band stand. The fountain, a figure with water issuing from it’s head, will be placed in the center. Water flowers will be planted about the base of the fountian. The water in the pool will always be kept at a three-foot level, always fresh.

She is pictured with her brother and a friend at the water fountain.


Charles Bonner, Mary (Bonner) Miller, Jean (Claypool) Bish at S. Waters St. Riverfront Park